“Bring out your dead!” “I’m not dead!”

“I”I feel fine…” “I feel happy!”  …BAM!… Ah, good ol’ Monty Python humor.  But truly, I am alive and kicking.  And please, no wooden spoons to the head. So, I have been active, but just not here ūüė¶ I feel like this page is for the *big* updates, not the little stuff. But, I haveContinue reading ““Bring out your dead!” “I’m not dead!””

Worlds Collide, But Dreams Happen!

So, advice from one who learned the hard way… rebooting a blog right before a major life event (e.g. moving into a new house you had built) is not recommended. ¬†Both activities cannot be sustained together. ¬†In my case, moving most definitely won!! ¬†But, my husband and I are now all moved in. ¬†After aboutContinue reading “Worlds Collide, But Dreams Happen!”

Memories‚Ķ and Writing‚Ķ and writing memories down‚Ķ

I was recently reorganizing my journals.¬† In all truth I am trying to consolidate a jumble of unrelated thoughts and pull them together in some organized fashion.¬† Unfortunately, so far the result is a jumble of cutout pages from two journals that were tossed, another set of journals where I have tried to keep relatedContinue reading “Memories‚Ķ and Writing‚Ķ and writing memories down‚Ķ”

Curiosity… Why didn’t I think of that?

Last week I attended a Women’s Leadership Conference in Springfield, MA. The theme was “Be Curious.” Now, I really do enjoy going to this conference and have gone the last three years. It is very inspiring, motivating and I always have some takeaways. Being who I am, of course I run things over in myContinue reading “Curiosity… Why didn’t I think of that?”

Blog Reboot! And Using Anime as a Writing Tool

I have decided to reboot my blog.¬† In order to get better at writing, I have to, well, write!¬† The new format will be a combination of fiction and creative nonfiction short stories.¬† Some will be personal, or just observations of the world around me, and some will be light and fun.¬† I hope you‚ÄôllContinue reading “Blog Reboot! And Using Anime as a Writing Tool”