“Bring out your dead!” “I’m not dead!”

“I”I feel fine…” “I feel happy!”  …BAM!… Ah, good ol’ Monty Python humor.  But truly, I am alive and kicking.  And please, no wooden spoons to the head. So, I have been active, but just not here ūüė¶ I feel like this page is for the *big* updates, not the little stuff. But, I haveContinue reading ““Bring out your dead!” “I’m not dead!””

Worlds Collide, But Dreams Happen!

So, advice from one who learned the hard way… rebooting a blog right before a major life event (e.g. moving into a new house you had built) is not recommended. ¬†Both activities cannot be sustained together. ¬†In my case, moving most definitely won!! ¬†But, my husband and I are now all moved in. ¬†After aboutContinue reading “Worlds Collide, But Dreams Happen!”

Death Charms

She added a charm to her bracelet for every life she took. ¬†They clinked along as she slide her hand on the bannister. ¬†The sound of her boots on the stairs cut sharply into the scraping. ¬†Once she reach the top and started walking across the hall, she idly twirled the charms around her wrist.Continue reading “Death Charms”