Worlds Collide, But Dreams Happen!

So, advice from one who learned the hard way… rebooting a blog right before a major life event (e.g. moving into a new house you had built) is not recommended.  Both activities cannot be sustained together.  In my case, moving most definitely won!!  But, my husband and I are now all moved in.  After about a month, I have found most items that were packed away.  Still missing odds and ends, like the cord for the Dyson hand vacuum, an electric razor (but we found the plug for THAT!), and things I’m sure I won’t know are missing until they are found again.

What I did make sure to locate, besides the cats, were my notebooks for writing.  And, they have been organized.  Woah!  I am finding though, that I am likely to start over with one of my stories, “Scarlet,” as I feel the whole thing has evolved so much since I started.  I noticed when I am in a mood to expand on certain elements, rereading my notes takes me out of the mood as I feel they are so wrong.  So, Scarlet will get a makeover this year.  And two other stories will get bits and pieces added in earnest.  One fantasy, one science fiction and one drama (?) book have ideas in progress.  When writing in these doesn’t strike me, I have a variety of writing prompts to keep me entertained.  Gotta stick with it.

Soo… back to the house… I now have an office that is all mine!  No hubby office in the same room as he gets his man cave in the basement.  I can’t wait until he has a TV in the basement so I can take it over while exercising. LOL.  Any way, my office isn’t fully organized yet, but it is off to a good start!  I do need a new lateral filing cabinet to replace the existing cabinets that are no longer adequate.  I don’t have any pictures up yet (poor Chaos from Xenosaga has been waiting years to be hung up).  From the angle of the picture below you don’t get to see my awesome French doors and cute corner cabinet (but yay windows!).  You do get to catch two of the three cats enjoying the office with me.  That’s Ivan on the chair and Natasha on the floor.  Ivan is my more constant kitty companion, while Natasha is just patiently waiting for food (patiently-ish).


With all of this, I have recently realized something very important, which I somehow didn’t realize all through having the house built.  This is our DREAM HOUSE.  We did it, we built a home that is completely our own, everything we could want and last month it became OURS.

I am so humbled and excited and nervous and grateful. This also inspires me to continue writing.  The house is now proof positive we can make our dreams happen.  On to the next dream! After I feed the cats of course!

P.S. I’ve decided if I ever get a tattoo, it will need to somehow include “You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you.”  I feel I have freed myself from so many challenges over the years.  We are our own destiny, our own fate, it is ours to control.  We are the makers of our own reality.


Published by Miranda DZ

I’m a writer of worlds of myth and magic. In this world I am a long time resident of Western Massachusetts. With my husband and three cats we keep each other out of mischief, or not.

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