Influence – After & Before

We are continuously influenced by our experiences and the world around us.  So much so sometimes that it can be hard to sort out who we versus what the world has made us.

Every now and then we need to step back and look at the core of who we are.  Recognizing what truly makes us who we are provides us an anchor for the everything else in our lives.  The anchor, the core, cannot be influenced.  It provides a template for what does influence us, but is not influenced itself.

We can add different experiences, knowledge and wisdom to the boat, but the anchor will always be the same.  It will always root us, no matter how deep the water or turbulent the ocean. It provides us peace when the rest of the world does not.

I would like you to take a minute to look at the image below.  Gazing at the image, what words come to the surface?

Stone and Sand

As you looked at the image, did you come up with words like peace? Zen? Meditation?

The image is really just a rock on sand.  If you want to get detailed, the rock has circles around it, drawn in the sand.  Nothing more to it than that.

Influence is also about priming.  You are setup to react in a specific manner based on the messages you have been provided.  You were influenced to react to the above image in a specific way.

Businesses will influence you in restaurants, stores and advertisements.  Marketing is all about influencing decisions made by consumers.

Writing is largely priming and influence as well.  In order to take someone out of their normal experiences into the world of the story, the author has to continually set the scene, the mood and the flow of the story.

In every day life, we prime others for certain reactions whether or not we intend to do so.  Think about chores around the house.  Kids notoriously do not want to do chores and we provide different incentives to get them to help, such as allowances, or if/then options (ex: if you do the dishes then you can go outside).  As parents, think about your own reactions to doing chores.  Most parents don’t like doing chores either.  Who wants to work and then come home and do more work?  In this way, we unconsciously prime others, including the kids, to view chores as a negative activity.

What’s one thing you do regularly, good or bad, you think inadvertently influences those around you?

On the flip side, can you recognize the subtle influences around you that prime you to react a certain way?


Published by Miranda DZ

I’m a writer of worlds of myth and magic. In this world I am a long time resident of Western Massachusetts. With my husband and three cats we keep each other out of mischief, or not.

One thought on “Influence – After & Before

  1. When I look at the picture I do feel calm. It reminds me of the last island vacation I had years ago. Feet in the sand, relaxing.

    I maintain a positive attitude which I believe influences others. Like is hard enough and we can live without negativity.



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