Miranda Dal Zovo

Fantasy Author

Making with the magic

Miranda thinks any story can be made better with a little magic, or a lot of magic, and maybe a dragon or two. A fan of fantasy in multiple mediums, including books, live-action, anime and video games, no story can be too far-fetched, be they fantastical worlds far away, far into the future, or both.


When she’s not writing, you’re likely to find her with an electronic in her hand, usually a controller, remote or camera. Yes, she does go out into the wild and take a lot of pictures, loving to travel, visiting wildlife sanctuaries, parks, and more. On the domestic front, she and her husband have three cats and they keep each other out of mischief, mostly.

Forbidden Magics

Blood Magic

Forbidden Magics: Book 1

Cass’s quiet life is upended when she gets a birthday gift from her parents. Only they’ve been dead for years now.
While Cass pursues the real meaning behind the gift, she not only will need to come to terms with the legacy she has inherited, but understand how the world she knows is connected to the realms of magic she just learned existed.
With the Magic Sciences Directorate after her, Cass will need to make hard choices. Will she choose as those before her have chosen? Or will she break the cycle a lead the realms to a new fate?

Behind the Scenes

A look at what’s to come in the Aionivasile Universe.

The Eternal Realm

Welcome to the Eternal Realm, a world of magic lost to the annals of history. From the beginning of the Dragon Fleet Chronicles, a time of exodus from a dying Earth, Aionivasile would be set apart.

Many assumed the thirteenth fleet had failed in their mission, that no colony had been established. With the success of the other twelve ensuring humanity’s survival, the other worlds moved on.

Witness here the stories of the thirteenth colony, whose magic rivals the entirety of the universe. Witness here how the choices of few shape the destinies of all.

Chronicles of Historia

Be the first to know the goings on in Aionivasile. Your journey may start in the Age of Realms, but Historia has many more stories waiting to be discovered.


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